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Bellhops: Uber for moving

Moving is easily one of the biggest hassles that you can go through. It is just a pain. Sure, you can hire movers, but that can get costly pretty quick. Sometimes, all you need is just one or two people to help you move. Well, we just came across a startup that offers just that: Bellhops.

Bellhops Bellhops: Uber for moving

Rather than bugging your friends or alienating family members, you can just hire some guys through Bellhops. Think of Bellhops as a sort of Uber for moving. You use the app or website to book Bellhops; shortly before the moving time, you will get an email with the “Bellhops’ pictures, bios, and contact info. Your Bellhop ‘Captain’ will also call to make an introduction.”1 Then the move. Moving has never been easier.

Bellhops is the new option ​​between begging friends for help and booking a ‘moving company.’ Through our apps and online platform, we connect athletic students with people and businesses needing moving help and lifting labor. We exist to improve an unavoidable part of life that so desperately need​s a better solution. Moving is awful. It pummels you. It shreds you emotionally just as much as it does physically. Support is tough to come by. People are busy. But when it does come, it comes from exuberant people who have a passion for life. They’re optimistic. They’re empathetic people who find true joy in service. They’re emotionally present.

They’re Bellhops.2

Bellhops-logo Bellhops: Uber for moving

The Bellhops platform has a ton of potential. The company provides labor only, meaning that they do not have to maintain a huge fleet of trucks. The Bellhops team told us a little bit about their competitive advantage in an email:

We only ask for 48 hours notice ahead of when you want to book a move, much more flexible than current companies. We also only hire college students as our movers and thus employ a plethora of enthusiastic studs looking to make the customers happy as they make money themselves. The Bellhops themselves claim jobs on a first come, first serve basis and thus only work jobs when and IF they want to. Talk about hiring go-getters.

The company is clearly on to something. From launching in 2013, Bellhops has expanded to 130+ cities and raised a $6 million series A round.

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