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BizFirst4Less Is Reinventing The Name Your Price Flight Model

Las Vegas Startup BizFirst4Les Is Reinventing The Name Your Price Model

bizfirst4less BizFirst4Less Is Reinventing The Name Your Price Flight Model

We all remember the William Shatner commercials featuring Captain Kirk as “The Negotiator”. Priceline is the site that today allows you to name your price for hotel deals. Prior to 2015 you could also name your price for airfare. The only caveat was that users were blind bidding on economy class tickets and you didn’t know what airline or flight you were taking.

Priceline offered a way for airlines to get rid of their unused inventory. They still offer that service for hotel rooms and rental cars. Priceline also paved the way for companies like Hotwire and Hotel Tonight that offer hotel’s unused inventory blindly.

Bizfirst4less-priceline BizFirst4Less Is Reinventing The Name Your Price Flight ModelOren Gordon, a Las Vegas entrepreneur with a name that rhymes, has created BizFirst4Less a new way to book business class and first class travel. BizFirst4Less offers name your price bidding or First Class and Business Class Flights. The user gets to choose which flight he/she wants to travel on and sees the retail price that the flight goes for. For example if there’s a first class flight from L.A. to Paris for $4,600, the user can elect to bid $3700. If the price is accepted they’ll save the $300.

With BizFirst4Less, users search and select specific flights and then bid only on the flights they select, so they are in control. This is a brand new concept.

Gordon is a former Travel Management Consultant, and author of ‘Business Travel Management – Developing & Managing a Travel Program‘ (published 2006).

At the crossroads of travel and technology, Gordon combined knowledge of the travel industry, market needs, and innovative technology to build the first mobile and web solution intended for saving on Business and First Class tickets.

Gordon collaborated with IBM to build the Match-Engine for the site and the App, and with Sabre for inventory integration and ticket fulfillment. He then contracted with airlines for their participation (the negotiated terms and which airlines are contracted with the website are kept confidential per the agreements).

“Before BizFirst4Less,” Gordon said, “travelers accepted that they couldn’t save on Business and First Class, leaving them to purchase from the airlines, OTAs, or travel agents, all leading them to the same published fares. BizFirst4Less provides a unique online platform that could save these travelers hundreds, or even thousands of dollars on the same exact flights.”

“I have seen some websites promising discounts on Business Class,” added Gordon, “but they often sell mileage-award tickets they buy, which can be cancelled later by the airlines leaving travelers stranded. BizFirst4Less offers Revenue tickets and not Award tickets, so changes and cancellations are allowed based on the fare rules, and travelers do accumulate frequent flyer miles.”

You can check out BizFirst4Less here.