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Booster Fuels lets you skip the gas pump

Stopping at a gas station to fill up may soon become a thing of the past. Booster Fuels, a Seattle, Washington company has created a unique service that offers users on-demand fill ups. It is really quite simple. When you park your car for an extended period of time, like at work or at school, you can request a fill-up – very similar to requesting ride on Uber.

fuel Booster Fuels lets you skip the gas pump

Right now, Booster Fuels is only available to individuals who work at or go to a school whose management has approved the company to operate:

The service is not available to the entire traveling public, but can be made available to anyone whose employer agrees to allow the Booster Fuels trucks to operate in their parking lots. And, for people who work jobs where their cars are parked in the same spot for hours at a time — at major design or manufacturing firms, or call centers, for example — the service offers a potentially stress-free and time-saving service in which their cars are filled up while they’re going about their routine.1

Booster Fuels is already growing rapidly, and was able to close a $3.13 million equity round earlier this year.2 The round included participation from Ross Perot Jr. and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.