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Dad Inventor Wants Babies To Breathe Easier

Dad Launches Brizi, A Startup To Help Babies Breathe Easier

brizi-top Dad Inventor Wants Babies To Breathe Easier

Yosi Romano was pushing his daughter in her stroller through the streets of London when he thought of something that many parents think about for a second and then don’t act on it. In fact, when we say it, you’re going to be like “darn why didn’t I think of that”.

Romano witnessed something that’s been going on pretty much since both cars and strollers have been invented. The height of most strollers puts the child at the exact level of the exhaust pipes of cars, trucks and even busses. That can’t be good.

City parents will understand why this is such a big deal. How many times have you stopped to chat with a friend, pickup a newspaper or waited on a green light, with baby in tow, right next to a car emitting a ton of black smoke. While some parents try and walk on the side of the street closest to buildings, that’s actually the wrong side to walk on and can be a pain to navigate.

Romano decided to create a device that would help get rid of some of that air pollution for stroller riding children.

The Brizi device has air sensors built in that know when air pollution is close by. When linked to your smartphone, when the sensors sense levels of pollution too much for the child the Brizi fan system automatically activates.  Brizi’s patented fan filter delivers an air curtain of 1.5 litres of filtered air every 10 seconds, protecting the child from harm.

Studies have shown that a child’s immune system isn’t fully developed until age 4 or 5.  Research has shown that vehicle emissions cause inflammation in respiratory systems and greater allergic reactions. Babies inhale more air pollution per pound of bodyweight than adults. All of this is a recipe that points to the importance of Brizi.

Romano is taking to Kickstarter to officially launch Brizi next month. You can keep up with them here at