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If Zillow Went Camping With YouTube It Would Be CampGroundViews [OneSpark Preview]

In another couple weeks when Warren Buffet pulls the rug out from under Zillow they may need to find a camp site and when they do, if they go camping with YouTube, they’ll undoubtedly get CampgroundViews.com. 

As you can probably imagine, through the world of crowdsourced video of wonderful places to go camping and park your RV across the country, the world of CampGroundViews.com comes alive. It’s like neighborhoodtour.com but for camp sites, and it’s a novel idea.

Typically when you go to a campground’s website or even a hotel’s website for that matter, you find the photos and videos the property wants you to see. You don’t get to see what it’s really like unless you’re exploring around YouTube looking at the same hotels and even then, you may be tricked into watching a video produced by a manager or executive.

CampGroundViews.com provides a onestop shop for campers and RVers to get a real feel of what a particular campsite may be like.

Unlike people that just take a vacation or even those with time shares, RVers and campers tend to be adventuresome and try new places just about every time. The reviews, photos and videos on CampgroundViews.com help those people pick places to park their RV or pitch a tent.

“do you know the best campground in Yellowstone NP for your family? At CampgroundViews.com you can see every campground in Yellowstone, read about their amenities, and compare them directly with one another. In addition we are building the largest discount membership program in the country to help you save money on your travels. The next generation camping membership program will enable travelers to better plan, budget, and enjoy their camping experience. Your contribution will help us change the way people find, share, and see their next camping adventure.” the company said on their OneSpark page. 

CampgroundViews.com is looking for $150,000 to help grow their business. You can find them at OneSpark at the Barnett Bank Building which means they won’t be cooking up S’mores but you can tell ghost stories and even charge your phone. Check them out there or here at OneSpark.com