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Career Choices Are Hard, Vedatma Makes Them Easier

Indian Startup Vedatma Makes Career Choices Easier

vedatma-top Career Choices Are Hard, Vedatma Makes Them Easier

When kids are still in elementary school they want to grow up to be vets, police officers and doctors. Those ideas change hundreds of times between first grade and their senior year in college. As life experiences change so do career choices. Those choices can be extremely confusing.

Most guidance counselors, career counselors and coaching centers can actual hinder a students choices by basing their decision strictly on aptitude. Johnny does will in automotive shop, therefore he should be an auto mechanic. They don’t know that Johnny spends all his free time reading stock market books and watching Bloomberg. How would counselors know that if they didn’t ask, and if they only looked at grades, and test scores.

An Indian startup, called Vedatma, is hoping to help students in grades 9  through college, make better choices. Vedatma knows that there is a whole lot more to a student than their educational profile.

“VedAtma digs deeper into understanding every student’s unique natural potential, a convergence of three aspects of personality, career interests and aptitude. Discovery of students’ unique natural potential enables appropriate career recommendations that are best suited to the student. This ultimately leads to greatest opportunity for both professional and personal fulfillment, helping them ‘become their best’.” the company says.

The company uses MBTI and the Strong Interest Inventory to help uncover a students true passions, personality and unique natural potential.

“We believe it is inappropriate to make valid career recommendations based on just assessments alone or short counselling sessions with students. Our process ensures we spend close to 5-6 hours spread over three counselling sessions with each individual student to understand their unique natural potential and make appropriate recommendations.” they told in an interview.

Eldho Kuruvilla founded Vedatma after discovering MBTI while working on his MBA in 2001. He created Vedatma because he knew that there’s more to career choices than simple aptitude, grades and test scores.

You can check out Vedatma here at 

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