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Chanty Is Like AI Infused HipChat or Slack With More

Looking For More Than HipChat or Slack, Chanty’s Got It

Chanty-top Chanty Is Like AI Infused HipChat or Slack With More

Chanty is a simple AI powered business messenger to the likes of HipChat or Flock. However the Chanty team is kicking things up a notch by infusing productivity tools, file storage and AI algorithms that will save users lots of valuable time. While chat is at the core of the fast growing startup, their underlying passion is improving productivity.  They include the tools to do that without over-saturating the platform with superfluous features.

One of the key features to Chanty is unlimited search. Users can search through entire message streams even if they’re months long. Try doing that in iOS and you’ll be searching for hours, and god forbid another message come in. Chanty also saves the chat history in with unlimited storage.

The team behind Chanty has also cooked up an AI interface that adds even more to the experience, making it easier to use.

“On a mission to humanize business processes Chanty goes even further. The AI algorithm predicts responses saving you time spent on typing. Workflows bring structure to conversations allowing team members to coordinate important tasks in a more efficient way. Audio and video calls, voice transcripts and integrations with popular services transform Chanty into a powerful business tool.”  the company told in an interview.

Chanty was created out of necessity. The team behind the chat messenger startup was running a digital agency and using a messenger that didn’t fit their needs.

“Initially we ran a digital agency, and just like every other team those days we used a business messenger to communicate with each other. As time passed, we noticed that the most popular tools for business communication were getting more and more complicated. The business chat we used kept adding new features and eventually shifted its focus to the enterprise sector. As a small team, we felt the need for a simple, more affordable and fast communication tool that would not only allow us to chat, but also become a single notification center for all the software that we use at work. This was the moment the idea of Chanty was born.” the company said.

They’re gearing Chanty to small business teams and startups that will embrace the unlimited storage and other features in rapidly growing businesses. If your startup fits the boot, go check Chanty out here.