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This Charger Is Bad And Boogli

Collision Preview: Meet Boogli, Your Friendly, Monster Charger That’s So Much More

Boogli-top This Charger Is Bad And Boogli

First off, big props to anyone that totally got the headline. We will see how cool these Collision Conference go-ers are with that one. If you didn’t get it, google “migos”.

Square chargers are boring. They go by many boring names, wall wart, plug, square, thingy, and they don’t do much more than allow you to plug your usb cord into the wall for a charge. There has to be more to it.

That’s what Todd Rice, the founder of Boogli told Digital Trends in 2015. So they created Boogli, a cute little monster that plays the role of charging dock and interactive pal.  Rice, a product designer with 20 years of experience, knew that with the technology available today he could really change the world of docking and charging. Boogli was born.

Boogli is part dock, part charger, part speaker and part night light. With a companion app, Boogli gets even more interactive. Sure Rice was solving lots of problems with one little device, but he solved a big one for parents of kids aged four and up.

Nowadays it seems that kids as young as four own some kind of device, be it a kids tablet, an iPad an iPod Touch or even a phone. Kids aren’t as anal as adults about charging. Case in point my nine year old’s phone can go for days without getting a charge. Boogli actually makes charging fun for kids and helps them remember, “hey I have to charge my device or it won’t work”.  The night light component is an added bonus. With Boogli, kids know to get the night light to turn on they need to charge their device.

Boogli will be featured in the iOT and hardware “Beta” area of Collision on Tuesday in New Orleans. Collision is the fastest growing tech and startup conference in the world. There are still a handful of tickets left here. You can check out Boogli online here. 

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