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Chime Could Be The Easiest Meeting Platform Around

New York Startup Chime Makes Online Meeting Super Easy

Chime-Top Chime Could Be The Easiest Meeting Platform Around

Let’s face it is so 2010. It’s 2017 now and the world of online meetings is dominated by video solutions. Of course there’s Skype, which either you love or you hate. The same is true for Google Hangouts, or Google Chat, or Google Talk, or whatever they’re calling it these days.

Outside of those services, most others require you to download some kind of client software. Then, you need to make sure every person your meeting with has the same client software loaded. Add to that the fact that the average executive has 11-19 video meetings per week and you could be looking at 11-19 different pieces of software.

The folks at CafeX recognized that problem four years ago and have been working on real time video solutions that can solve the headache of video conferencing for a variety of enterprise clients. They know, from video conference meetings they’ve experienced, how messy the experience can be. Headaches and a messy experience equates to “friction”, and we all know the less amount of friction, the better.

“CaféX is the leading provider of real-time communications technology that allows enterprises to transform how customers and teams engage in today’s digital marketplace. Trusted by many of the world’s biggest banks, insurers and other leading Fortune 500 companies, CaféX’s award-winning solutions focus on business needs first to create innovative ways for customers and teams to collaborate over mobile devices and the Web. CaféX eliminates the friction that users typically face, securing connections across every network and interoperating with existing systems to help organizations both large and small achieve better results faster.” Cafe X’s Neil Ellis told us in an interview.

With Chime, the end to end experience happens entirely on the web. Simply go to their website at and click get started. From there you can add up to six other conference attendees to your meeting. They keep that number at six to make sure the experience is fluid from user to user and it’s not “glitchy”.

“Just click to start your free meeting. There’s no software to download or install, and no lengthy login process either. Just click and share the link to begin enjoying a crystal clear audio and video experience with up to five of your friends, colleagues and customers. Access to text chat, screen and document sharing to make your conversation that much richer and efficient.” Ellis said.

CafeX is able to deliver a superior experience because Web Real Time Communication (WebTC) is what they’ve been working on for years.

“We are one of the early pioneers of web real-time communications (WebRTC) technology. Our developers also have hundreds of years of collective experience in enterprise collaboration.” Ellis explained.

If you’re ready to take the headache out of your video conferencing experience, check out Chime here. 

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