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ConcertCam: High quality audio for concert videos

If you have been to a concert in the past five or so years, you have no doubt seen huge swaths of people filming on the smartphones. This is all well and good, but more often than not, the sound quality of these videos leaves a lot to be desired. Well, we had the chance to speak with a startup at SXSW that is dramatically upgrading the sound of quality of concert videos. ConcertCam is able to do this in a really unique way. First, check out an example of the sort of sound upgrade the company provides:

ConcertCam is able to increase the quality of the sound by working directly with artists and concert production staff. The company is provided with sound directly from the artists and crews, and uses it to replace the distorted audio of smartphone videos:

ConcertCam is a tool that automatically replaces the distorted audio of cell phone videos taken at concerts with professionally recorded, crystal clear audio recorded directly from the soundboard. It’s a simple way for fans to enhance the videos they take at concerts with clean, clear audio, and easily allows for artists to unlock quality and unique footage of their shows.1

We had a chance to speak with the startup at the SXSW Startup Village. The team told us a bit more about how the platform works: