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Create Amazing Images In Minutes With Pixteller

Romanian Startup Offers Simple, Easy To Use Image Editor

PixTeller-Top Create Amazing Images In Minutes With Pixteller

Romanian web designer Alexandru Roznovat was looking for a web based tool to basically edit together images on the fly. A thorough web designer by day, Roznovat knows there are millions of people out there that want to produce great memes, Facebook content or need images for their blog. That’s why he created PixTeller.

PixTeller is a web based tool that has over 5000 templates to choose from. Users can upload their own photos, add text and tweak the templates to make graphics their own. For instance, the image below was created with PixTeller.

PixTeller-2 Create Amazing Images In Minutes With Pixteller

PixTeller “improves and simplifies the design process from start to end. It is easy to use for everyone, even no technical or design knowledge. Our tool can be used by any marketer from the digital industry, blogger or website owner and anyone who needs designs for personal use or business projects. You don’t have to hire professional designers or spend lot of money and time with expensive softwares. PixTeller is one of the best designing app that helps you create amazing graphic designs just in seconds.” Roznovat told in an interview.

“I am a Technology lover, I started coding in high school and along the years, I experienced both success and failures.
I first designed PixTeller to create Picture Quotes and Posters. Then, I realised that people need a better, faster and easier tool to create graphic designs – not just for fun, but for business or commercial purposes also. This is how one of the best online design tool was born.” Roznovat added.

If you search the Google Play Store or iOS App Store  you’ll find a number of quick editing tools. PixTeller is a more robust tool.

“The main differences between PixTeller and our competitors are the technology and different approach (unique functions). For example, we can easily integrate PixTeller via an API in wordpress, magento etc. Our Editor is really fast and we can bring a lot of improvements to its performance quickly. To make an idea, I created all our current templates (more than 3000 designs) in about 10 days, using multi tabs and copy paste.” he said.

We asked Roznovat about his founding story.

“It was just a normal day at home, a day like any other. While navigating through the web on a social platform, I got impressed of people’s increasing wish to express themselves through images. Suddenly, all the pieces fit together in one moment of inspiration: developing an app that will make design easier for everyone.
After launching the first version of PixTeller in September 2014, I was amazed by the large number of people around the globe, who were using my app, creating thousands of quote pictures every day.
As a startup entrepreneur, I am always searching for new and innovative methods to engage with the users and customers of my product. Their impressions about the service I deliver on a real time basis are crucial and help me improve my strategy and constantly grow.”

You can check out PixTeller here. 

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