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Curation Wall Simplifies The Social Media Wall For Everyone

Create Your Social Media Wall With Curation Wall

CurationWall-1 Curation Wall Simplifies The Social Media Wall For Everyone

Have you been to a party, night club, corporate event or a conference that had a nice social media wall on display. You know one of those big monitors that showed you the event going on in real time across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram? Have you ever wondered how that was done?

The process used to be rather complicated. You would need fancy expensive software and in some cases you could only do one social network at a time. In those cases the social network is more often than not Twitter.

Curation Wall just launched in the UK to help anyone with their social wall experience. We had a chance to interview them. Check out the interview below.

What does your startup do?

Curation Wall is an online tool for creating engaging social media walls and content hubs.

Curate social media shares and RSS feeds into one branded, fully responsive social media wall for your event display, head office / reception screens, or embed as a content hub for your website.

We also have a built-in social media prize draw system & full moderation.

Who is your target user?

We have several key user groups:
Events profs (conference, experiential, etc), who want to create a social media buzz.

Content marketers, who want to curate all their social activity and blog posts (via RSS) into one visual, responsive content hub.

Corporates, who want to showcase their company’s social media activity, blended with company news & updates, on their website and/or head office reception.

Ecommerce sites, create much needed engagement on your domain, by embedding a fully mobile responsive content hub that includes positive social media mentions, your latest blog posts, and more.

Why did you build you product? What problem are you taking on?

Display your company’s social media shares, positive reviews, and blog posts on displays in your head office reception.

Embed your social media & RSS wall using our fully responsive embed code.

Generate a buzz around your event with a social media wall. Run social media prize draws, moderate shares & display ads from sponsors.

Hospitality & Hotels:
Show your best social media reviews on displays in your reception, bar, and embed on your website.

How is your product different from what is currently available?

Curation Wall‘s social media wall software has been built from scratch to be super user-friendly, fast (using Facebook’s React JS), and professional.

Create a stunning, branded social media wall in a matter of minutes.

Tell us your founding story. Was there an “ah ha” moment?

SaaS based business, social media wall and content hub

Tell us about your founding team and their backgrounds.

Mike Gracia is the head of strategy and marketing. Mike has over a decade in the digital marketing industry.

Catalin is a programming wizard with many years experience coding in a variety of server-side and client-side languages.

Check out Curation Wall here.