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Every Homeowner Needs One Of These Now [sxsw]

curbtop Every Homeowner Needs One Of These Now [sxsw]Let me start off by saying that this isn’t some press release we received saying that every home owner needs this. After seeing Curb pitch at the Capital Factory Fast Pitch session at SXSW 2015 we are 100% convinced that every homeowner needs Curb, now.

When Erik Norwood took to  the stage at Friday’s Capital Factory Fast Pitch, he talked about cars and how everybody’s late model car was able to them everything audibly, visually and at the dashboard level. Heck many cars these days can even tell you what they need via your smartphone.

Cars can tell you when they’re running out of gas, when the engine is too hot, when you’re too close to the curb, when the tire pressure is off and a whole slew of other great data that we often times take for granted. Imagine if your house could do that.

If you’re into startups you’re probably thinking that some internet of things home sensor device already does this, well not like Curb.

Curb is a hardware, software, app combination that installs at the nucleus of your home, the circuit breaker box.

There, once wired into your home, it can tell you immediately how much energy you’re using. Did you just start using a new space heater? Did you get a new energy hungry lamp? You’ll be able to see all that information immediately on the Curb app and in real time.

What’s even better is if you’re using Samsung appliances Curb has a way to even turn appliances off remotely as to not use too much energy and the company is working on more manufacturer partnerships.

We’ve all been there, we’ve had a really good power bill in February just to get to a warmer March with three times the bill and absolutely no guidance as to how we got there. Some power companies are nice enough to show you a usage graph but they aren’t going to be able to tell you if the source of that usage was a new space heater or that darn broken bread maker. Curb can.

The Austin based startup says “With Curb You Can Power Your Life, Smarter” find out more here at

  • jendeangelo512

    I saw the title & immediately thought it was just another #IoT device, but I’m intrigued. I wonder if it makes other smart devices, like the #Nest, unnecessary.

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