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Deep 6 AI Is Saving Lives With Artificial Intelligence

Los Angeles Startup Deep 6 AI Wins Enterprise & Smart Data Category At South By Southwest

A Pasadena California startup that started as Deep 6 Analytics and pivoted to Deep 6 AI, and with that turned to using artificial intelligence to save lives, was a big winner at South By Southwest. They came to show off their revolutionary technology and ended up winning the South By Southwest Accelerator Enterprise & Smart Data Category.

Deep 6 AI is solving a big problem for sick people. So big that, former Vice President, Joe Biden, cited a statistic the company already knew. In his Sunday keynote the popular meme-ified VP said that only 4% of cancer patients are in any kind of clinical trial. Those trials, of cutting edge medical technology, often times lead to newer, more progressive treatments. The optimum number for patients in clinical trials should be more like 20%.

Deep6ai-1 Deep 6 AI Is Saving Lives With Artificial Intelligence

Deep 6 AI’s Brian Dolan talks with us at SXSW

It would take a small army, or perhaps a big army, to match all 8,000+ clinical trials going on throughout the year to the 14,140,254 people afflicted with cancer.  Couple that with the fact that by the year 2020 there will be 25,000 petabytes of healthcare industry data, (about 500 billion file drawers worth), and that’s a daunting task.

Deep 6 AI helps researchers find more patients for clinical trials, faster. The startup uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to analyze medical records to highlight patients that would be keen candidates for each trial. Deep 6 AI stays HIPPA compliant because they are scrubbing the data with names and personal information removed. When their technology finds a match, the medical institution notifies that doctors and patients.

“The hospital or medical provider maintains all the patient’s personal information, we don’t take any of that off-site at all” Brian Dolan with Deep 6 AI told us at SXSW.

They’re currently live with a hospital in the Los Angeles area and have pharmaceutical companies and more hospitals that plan to go online in the coming months.

Check out our video above and for more information visit Deep 6 AI here and our friends at BuiltInLA