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Delaware Startup Founder: Drone Legislation Won’t Protect Us From Terrorists

Skygear1 Delaware Startup Founder: Drone Legislation Won't Protect Us From TerroristsNo matter where you stand in the gun control debate, most people with half a brain realize pretty quick that gun control laws won’t stop criminally or terroristically inclined people. Criminals and terrorists are going to get their hands on guns and use them. The gun control laws are preventing accidents.

That’s the same mentality that a Delaware startup founder feels, needs to be applied to the drone legislation that’s making it’s way around capital hill. “It’s no different than gun control. Rules in the U.S. aren’t going to hinder a terrorist using a drone.” Daniel Herbert, the founder of Skygear Solutions, an aerial photography company located in Wilmington Delaware, said.

The FAA insists that terrorist use and criminal use is actually at the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to regulating drones. More importantly they are focused on safety and privacy of US citizens, at least that’s what they say.

CNN actually just lobbied for the use of tethered drones off of their news catching vehicles in the field. The FAA has agreed to allow them to use those tethered drones which would be attached to stationery news vans on location. The drones can’t go higher than 500 feet and must remain in the line of sight.

Herbert is trying to use drones in his business for videography for anything from real estate tours, to video and photos above events. While the legislation is still being mulled over, Delaware reports that Herbert has switched gears in the meantime by selling drones, repairing drones and working on customized drones for clients. He’s also educating people on the use of drones and actually giving flying lessons.

“Personally, sales would definitely grow [if commercial use was allowed]. I have businesses literally waiting in the wings,” Herbert said. “People don’t want to spend $2,000 or $3,000 for something they might not be able to use. [If restrictions ease up,] I could market directly to businesses like landscapers and roofers, real estate, car dealerships, pest control, search and rescue, and law enforcement.” Delaware said.

Herbert is passionate about using drones and the good uses that they can provide. He plans on participating in International Drone Day on March 14th as part of Team Delaware. Drones are starting to be utilized in fire and safety situations where human flight and observation is impossible. Overseas doctors, scientists and zoologists are using drones to study animals in rain forests and in their natural habitats. Unmanned aircraft can be far more valuable than the possibility of delivering a package to you in a few minutes from Amazon.