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Kick Ass Female Starter Upper Stepping Down

Get a tissue out for this one…

Denver Hutt was one of the first awesome women in startups that we’ve written about here at nibletz, the voice of startups everywhere else. She epitomized the west coast girl mentality that by choice, ended up in the middle of the country, became the head lady in charge at Indiana’s most influential startup space and then continued to make it grow, and go.

She’s sooo bad ass that we invited her to speak at not one but two Everywhere Else conferences. The second time she spoke sent chills through the spines of starter uppers everywhere. She revealed she had cancer, and that startup founders aren’t super heroes. Her story on stage, and pieces like this, sent reminders to everyone who’s too busy to go to the doctor because of their startup companies, to go to the doctor.

It looked a little murky at one point. We thought that Hutt wouldn’t have much longer at the Speak Easy startup space.

Recently she revealed that she was going to leave the Speak Easy to take on something else. She didn’t even know what that something else was, but Speak Easy was past the startup stage and now it was time for someone to come in that could help it sustain itself.

While we, and others, are sad that she’s leaving the Speak Easy, we’re actually jumping for joy inside that she’s leaving on her own accord rather than because she was beat down by the “C” word.

The Indianapolis Business Journal reports that Hutt will stay on as Director of the Speak Easy until the right successor was found. That may not be as easy as it sounds because Denver actually created the role herself, campaigned for it, and then went with it.

On why she’s leaving, Hutt told the IBJ “I know I work best in environments that are really blank canvasses and really chaotic,” Hutt said about the not-for-profit. “Knowing that we’re no longer in that early phase, I decided it was the right time to bring in a fresh set of eyes that can optimize on stability and growth now that there is some structure in place.”

Hutt ran a lot more than a coworking space. The success behind Speak Easy has been how it caters to Indy’s entrepreneurs with programming that works. It’s also situated next to DeveloperTown so in the same area you have the hackers and the hustlers.

A hustler Hutt is, Kristian Andersen, one of the cofounders of the Speak Easy said “It would have been easy for The Speak Easy to just turn into a social club, but under Denver’s leadership it became one of Indy’s most vibrant centers for discourse, training and education—around all things entrepreneurial.”

There’s no telling when Hutt’s actual last day will be as the search continues to find her replacement.