Early Bird Gets the Worm

Have you ever read a list of predictions and chuckled? You say to yourself this is nonsense, it will not happen in my lifetime. Only to realize in time that you were wrong.

The small business landscape does not afford the entrepreneur much “wiggle room” to be wrong. This is not to insinuate that mistakes are not made. We know this is false. They happen all the time. Often, the mistake is ignorance of what is to come.

earlybirdworm1 Early Bird Gets the Worm

Going Back in Time
Being able to “see the future” is a gift. Having a keen eye to developments and recognizing their validity may come naturally for some, others it’s a learned trait.

Many of us have a closed-mind to new ideas. We fail to give ourselves the opportunity for growth. Let’s take a look at an example, OLEDs.

Going back approximately 7 years, there was talk of ultra-thin OLEDs with touch capabilities for the phone market. In fact, it was projected that OLEDs would be common by 2020.

DevOps is a topic that is gaining in momentum. It is a design for effective communication and collaboration between the operations and development teams, in particular software developers and information technology (commonly referred to as IT).

For the developers who are looking to become more self-sufficient, and reduce the unnecessary back-tracking, DevOps tools are available. These tools will assist the process of app creation from its inception to the release date.

Apple and Samsung got to where they are by implementing seamless operational procedures. Teams coincide to create and launch. If trouble exists between your respective departments, there is a solution.

With the app industry taking center stage, this is not the time to have a closed-mind to ideas which will improve all avenues of your app creation.

For those not familiar, these screens on appearances seem the same as their counterpart LCDs. However, the quality is far superior to LCD. The reality is OLED displays outperform LCD in every imaginable parameter.


A Twist of Irony


So, Samsung was quick to see the features and benefits of OLED displays. They jumped on this early on, and now are reaping the benefits of “seeing the future”.

Apple has been resistant to these displays, choosing to stick with LCD. That is, until now.

The news is out that Apple has placed an order for 70 million OLED panels from its competitor Samsung. The leaks indicate that these panels will be used for the soon to be released iPhone 8.

Expectations are that 3 new Apple phones will be launched, and that the other 2 models will still use the LCD display. Samsung benefits from Apple’s resistance to the future.


Staying Ahead

Let’s now leave behind the battling tech giants Apple and Samsung and look at a way your company can best position itself for the future. We have demonstrated that having a closed-mind to new ideas can place your company in a position to fall behind the competition. 
earlybirdworm2 Early Bird Gets the Worm

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