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Boxer Seals Preinstall Deal With Cyanogen Just In Time For SXSW

boxer-sm Boxer Seals Preinstall Deal With Cyanogen Just In Time For SXSWOur good email pen pal Andrew Eye was gleaming ear to ear when we finally got a chance to catch up with him at the pre-sxsw ATX startup crawl in Austin. See we’ve been reporting on Andrew Eye and Boxer for the last three years as he and his team have solidified, probably THE BEST, email app on either iOS or Android.

Boxer makes email manageable for people who get real volumes of email. For example as I pen this article from our SXSW mobile newsroom I have over 2700 fresh emails that have arrived since we left the home office Wednesday morning. Programs like Mailbox and other email apps are good if you get 30 or so emails per day, but with that volume you might as well stay stock.

When you get real hardcore email you need an app that can keep up, like Boxer.

Prior to last year Boxer had struggled with bringing an Android product to market, that is until the acquired the team behind the Android app “Enhanced Email” now with that team safely on board there is a great version of Boxer available in the Google Play store, which has paved the way to bigger news.

boxer-screen Boxer Seals Preinstall Deal With Cyanogen Just In Time For SXSWAfter writing about Boxer for the last three years by way of phone and email interviews we got to meet up with Eye at the Capital Factory. There he gave us the scoop that Boxer has just sealed a deal with Steve Kondik’s Cyanogen where Boxer will become the default email application on phones that ship with the Cyanogen operating system. Cyanogen revealed at Mobile World Congress that they will be shipping with more devices this year.

If more people would focus on the task at hand, getting through email, and less attention on the app du jour, they would quickly realize the benefits to Boxer.

Find out more about Boxer here.