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EmployUs: A new way to find the best job candidates

As anyone who has been on the job hunt in the past several years can tell you, there is an innumerable number of places to look. From the giant, nationwide job listing services, to the more localized and more specialized platforms. That said, most of these avenues are impersonal, and don’t really allow you to do more than submit a resume and cover letter. Sure, that is clearly an effective method for employers, but it leaves much to be desired for potential employees and applicants. Well, we had the chance to check out a unique startup at 36/86 that offers a new avenue through which to find a job: EmployUs.

EmployUs takes a much different approach than the CareerBuilder’s and Monster’s of the world. Rather than building a large, completely open system, EmployUs has created a more closed, more personal system. The platform focuses on referrals, and incentives top-notch referrals. Here is how the process works for employers:

In three simple steps: 1) Hiring companies list their open positions with referral bonuses. 2) Connectors refer people they know to the position 3) When a referral is hired, the connector earns the referral bonus.1

EmployUs-how-it-works-1024x529 EmployUs: A new way to find the best job candidates

Ryan O’Donnell – EmployUS CEO & Co-Founder – took to the 36/86 stage to introduce the company as part of the pitch contest. Check out his pitch below, and find more info on EmployUs.co:

  1. EmployUs, “FAQs”