36/86 Chattanooga Startup Contest Startups

Feetz: Custom, perfect fit 3D printed shoes

Throughout the course of 36/86, a bunch of different startups will take to the stage for quick pitches, with the winner receiving $36,000. There are a bunch of rounds left to go, but one startup that stood out in the early rounds was Feetz. The Chattanooga, TN based startup has an incredibly unique product. Feetz bills itself as the digital cobbler. In a nutshell, Feetz allows you to make custom, 3D printed shoes that fit perfectly. The process is pretty simple. All you have to do is take a few pictures of your feet, go online and design your shoes, and they will make them for you. Pretty simple:

Feetz-how-it-works Feetz: Custom, perfect fit 3D printed shoes

Feetz is the antithesis of Nike and Reebok. The company represents a shift away from mass produced footwear, back to the days of yore when cobblers made each par of shoes for the specific foot that would be wearing them:

Before the advent of mass manufactured shoes, most shoes were made to fit by a local cobbler. We know that isn’t realistic anymore, but we also think that shoes should be made just for YOU, not the masses. 1

Feetz-shoes Feetz: Custom, perfect fit 3D printed shoes

Lucy Beard, the company’s CEO, took to the stage during the 36/86 quick pitches. Beard shared a bit more about Feetz, their growth over the past year, and the goals of the company: