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Finally A Website Builder Startups May Actually Use, Meet Bookmark

Toronto Startup Bookmark Is A Website Builder Startups May Actually Use

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As entrepreneurship and startups continue to grow globally, we’re finding that more and more founders may not be web experts. Many entrepreneurs and inventors are focused on their product and their company. They may not have the expertise to build a website. It may be hard to believe but not all startups are web or mobile based.

At the earliest stage most startups and founders lack the capital to hire a web design firm. And we all know that we wouldn’t touch Wix or GoDaddy Tonight with a ten foot pole. Why can’t their be an aesthetically pleasing, website creation wizard that only takes a few minutes.

Well there is.

Toronto based, not only has one of the most desirable domain names in the world, but they’ve created a website creation wizard that takes just a few minutes to get up and running. Unlike Wix and GoDaddy tonight, their designs actually like 2017 and not like geocities.

The artificial intelligence (AI) driven website creator takes a couple of pieces of information from the user and voila, a site in minutes.  “Our software Aida (Artificial intelligence design assistant) creates your website in under 2 mins and then simply walks you through the process of editing and adding content & images.” Bookmark CEO Dave Kosmayer told us in an interview.

While anyone needing a website will find easy to use, Kosmayer is targeting startups and entrepreneurs. He knows the experience we described above all too well.

“The non-technical man is always facing a dilemma when wanting to start their own thing, the desperate need for a cofounder at stage to develop the website or oversees the development of the project. Bookmark aims to eliminate this as well as 90% of the pain points associated with website creation & design as this process will just get easier as the days go, and Aida will only get smarter.” he said.

While Wix and Website Tonight borrow templates left behind in the first dot com explosion, Kosmayer explained that is different. The AI driving the platform creates websites in a different way.

“This is not a template-based website builder as is the case with more than 95% of the market. The potential behind AI is one where every person could be a designer. Bookmark becomes the canvas and Aida is their paintbrush. The collision of the sophisticated AI world and the designer’s creative mind is one that will definitely change the web design industry.”

Got five minutes an idea? Go create a website with the Bookmark Website Builder.