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Ukraine Startup Snovio Has Made Rapportive Completely Irrelevant

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Snovio, a startup from the Ukraine, has completely made Rapportive and the email address permulator completely irrelevant.

If you were one of those people that just had to know an email address in the past you may have turned to Rapportive, a Chrome extension, and the email address permulator to figure it out. You would use Rapportive on LinkedIn and if that didn’t work and you knew a persons name you could use the spreadsheet based permulator. This was a combination that would help you find the address you wanted, but could take hours.

Snovio has made it easy for you to track down just about any business person’s email address that has a LinkedIn profile. The company has a domain email finder tool as well as a Chrome extension.

It really works!

We spoke with for a startup interview. The company explained what they did and we immediately checked it out. I mean, claiming to be able to “find anybody’s email address” is a big claim. We were able to find Jay Z’s official email address, LL Cool J and even Donald Trump (business not POTUS address).

While they won’t explain the secret sauce that makes it work, it’s fascinating. The web platform has some easy to use tools. One of the tools, the Domain search, will pull any email address associated with a certain domain. There were some hiccups but the company is growing. For example we were able to search and find the two employees that have been here the longest, along with a laundry list of previous employees. Results for were an equal mix.

As you can see a search of the domain finds a variety of support type emails and Reid Hoffman’s email (the one at the bottom). So it definitely works.

We wanted to know exactly how they describe what does. “Snovio specializes in outbound research.
Snovio helps to find connections, email addresses and other personal information such as company a person works for, job position, role in company. This data makes communication with other people or businesses easier to improve bottom line: either by finding right candidate for work or acquiring new investors and customers.” the company told us in an interview.

They cater to just about anyone looking for someone else to do business with. “Snovio can be used by anyone from business decision makers, employers who are looking for the best candidates to join their team to someone who is looking for new connections. It can be somebody who is tired of looking for connections – extracting them manually, then saving them one by one. Somebody who values time and money too.” they said. unlocks some great information. What inspired it though?

“The source of inspiration is beautiful river Snov that flows in our region – it is well known here and many of us go there to have rest and relax. So while having rest and looking at this peaceful river the idea came to create a research tool that will make it easy to find and connect with people. This is how the name came up. Another question we thought of was searching for right candidates for a company like where to find them, how to filter them, how to reach the person you need to reach – this is usually complicated, time and money consuming process. With Snovio it is easy now!” The company told us in an interview.

You can check out Snovio here at


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