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FriendMedia Is Changing The Way Physicians And Brands Connect With Aesthetic Patients

friendmedia-top FriendMedia Is Changing The Way Physicians And Brands Connect With Aesthetic PatientsEducate Your Patients At The Point Of Care With FriendMedia

Waiting rooms in any doctor’s office can be a boring time suck. Many offices don’t offer wifi because of privacy and HIPAA concerns. The walls are often drab and no one really wants to talk to each other. Not to mention, for years, that flat screen TV in the lobby has been playing Dr. Phil and Jerry Spring reruns.

At the same time, doctors’ and physician’s offices, especially aesthetic care centers, are wanting to help educate patients as much as possible. Physicians are very busy people and you’re lucky to have 15 minutes to a half an hour with a physician in an aesthetic practice to go over things that are going to impact you, on the outside, where it matters most to your psyche, lifestyle and self confidence.

Aesthetic care offices offer a wide range of treatments. Often times a new patient comes in for something and doesn’t realize the sea of treatments and offerings available at the same location. That’s where FriendMedia comes in.

FriendMedia is a company that takes advantage of that waiting room time and that TV real estate to captivate and engage new and old patients alike with office offerings, treatments, things patients can do at home and much more.

Any doctor’s office can be a nerve racking experience but with FriendMedia in your waiting room or lobby, patients get the information they want in the downtime they already have. Patients want to hear patient testimonials, see videos and photos, reputation credentials and even pricing. The FriendMedia in office media system allows aesthetic care facilities the ability to customize the content patients see while they’re waiting, in the waiting room or in the consultation area.

From check in to check out, your patients can stay engaged with your office in the waiting room, exam rooms, consult rooms and checkout.

FriendMedia can customize programs for any aesthetic care facility and include the company’s social media, aesthetic library, branding and lifestyle content. FriendMedia is truly the next generation waiting room.

Print material has become outdated and prohibitively expensive for promoting products and services with every new season or product launch,” Nick Magruder FriendMedia COO says. “When we visit aesthetic providers, the first thing we notice is the inundation of dozens of brand portals, dated patient brochures, and brand DVDs.

“With more than 30 million consumers visiting aesthetic practices in 2016, we saw an opportunity to bridge the gap between the increasing inventory of higher quality digital aesthetic content and the actual marketing material being displayed at the practice level.” Magruder added.

Bring your waiting room into the 21st century with FriendMedia. Find out more at 

  • I love working with FriendMedia. They make patient engagement for my clients a breeze and make me look like a rock star for bringing them in!