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GameSalad Is For The Student And The Teacher [sxswedu]

GameSalad is an easy to use online platform that allows anyone to create great games. If you have an idea for a game, you can use the GameSalad platform and make it. They will do all the heavy lifting for you.

Rather than taking the position that every other DIY gaming and app development platform has, GameSalad has gone after the education space. Even in that space they do things a little differently as well, by catering to both the student and the teacher.

Teacher’s can use the GameSalad platform to create engaging games based on lesson content. It’s a lot easier to learn through a game than whipping through textbooks. The easiness of the platform means that a teacher of almost any skill level can create their own games.

The same holds true for the student. Learning how to create games with a platform like GameSalad actually helps students with problem solving skills.

While GameSalad is easy to pick up and use, there’s an hour and a half Udemy course that teaches development on the GameSalad platform, here. 

GameSalad allows any level game creator to create your game for Android, iOS, HTML5 and Mac all at the same time so there’s no fussing with porting over your game to the next platform. GameSalad is also alot more robust in features and more visually appealing than other similar platforms like Appsbar.

If you’re a teacher, student or just someone who wants to make their own game, check out GameSalad today.