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GraphStory: Build graph databases like a boss

Graph databases are quickly rising in usage in several different industries. These databases – specifically neo4j – are used in a wide variety of applications including predictive and detailed analytics and real-time data analysis. neo4j, and other graph database infrastructures are good at handling and analyzing massive amounts of data in a short amount of time. Well, as you can probably imagine, getting a neo4j network set up and running is quite a task. Well during 36/86, we spoke with GraphStory, a Memphis startup that takes the hassle out of getting neo4j up and running. And they do it in an incredibly simple way:

GraphStory-Graph GraphStory: Build graph databases like a boss

The graph above – the full thing is over here – shows all of the Tweets made to @3686South or with the #Village36 hashtag. The output is cool, but take a look at the code to create the graph. All it takes is the 6 lines above. Not only that, but beneath the graph, GraphStory provides another example of what can be done with neo4j:

GraphStory-example-1024x466 GraphStory: Build graph databases like a boss

So, this all looks easy to implement, and that is the beauty of GraphStory. The company’s main role is simplifying the whole process; from developmenet, to deployment, to making apps, and everything in between.  During 36/86, we had a chance to speak with GraphStory’s CTO, Jeremy Kendall. He told us a little bit more about the platform, and a bit about some things you can do with graph databases.