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Hip Money Is The Tinder Of Savings [sxsw]

Nebraska Startup Hip Pocket Shows Off Hip Money at South by Southwest

Lincoln Nebraska startup Hip Pocket debuted their newest app Hip Money back in September at a FinTech conference in Charlotte. They were back at South By Southwest earlier this month to show it off as a finalist in the South by Southwest Accelerator.  They also brought their Tyrannosaurus Rex along for the fun.

Hip Pocket started off as Fiscal Circles and went through the NMotion startup accelerator in Lincoln in 2013. Hip Pocket connects consumers to loan products in a more efficient and transparent way.

More recently Mark Zmarzly the founder and CEO at Hip Pocket and the Hip Pocket team have been looking for the easiest ways for consumers to actually save money. That’s what Hip Money is.

HipMoney-top Hip Money Is The Tinder Of Savings [sxsw]

Hip Money is like Acorns meets Tinder but for your own personal finances.

The app analyzes your spending habits and wants to know the important things you’re saving for. Then, the app makes recommendations on how much you can save at any given time, to go towards your savings goals. When it makes a suggestion, you simply swipe right, and that money is put into an interest bearing savings account for you.

“The bigger goals are to enable everyone to be smarter with their finances, to force banks to care
more about people than profit, and to inspire people to no longer settle for the status quo. We
also call this the #FingersUp Movement because we know that this is bigger than just an app. It is
indeed a long-overdue movement for change.” Zmarzly said.

Hip Money is catching attention just about everywhere they go.

“Hip Money has created a method that makes saving easy and actionable…something the 20-somethings through 60-something can all relate to and engage with. Hip Money is a much needed
user-friendly innovative tool that solves the ‘I know I need to save, but how can i make it simple?’ dilemma.” Bruce Clapp The President of Market Watch said.

“I believe the movement to save more, grow our financial confidence, and better our financial
position is long overdue and I believe will be heartily adopted by the young, the able, the
retiring and anyone between.” he added.

Check out our video interview with Zmarzly above and for more info visit