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Gainesville Rabbi & Professor Team Up For Social Incubator

HiveSpace Gainesville Rabbi & Professor Team Up For Social IncubatorRabbi Adam Grossman is part Rabbi, part entrepreneur, part founder and all around catalyst for social change. His LinkedIn profile shows the experience he has had in each of those areas.

Now Grossman along with Professor Kristin Joos of UF’s Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation’s Social Entrepreneurship & Sustainability Initiative have teamed up to create a new kind of incubator focusing on startups that want to make an impact socially. The HiveSpace incubator  is the newest incubator in Gainesville Florida, a city that’s ripe with startups, entrepreneurship and innovation.

The Gainesville Sun reports that both founders are looking to attract startups “that won’t just rake in profits, but also impact the world in a positive way.” the paper said.

To create HiveSpace both Joos and Grossman have also partnered with Starter Space.”We wanted to take what we’ve learned from Starter Space and reimagine what it means to be an entrepreneur,” said Quang Tran, a Starter Space managing partner told The Gainesville Sun. “We wanted to create an entity that allows for an impact.”

While it’s clear to see why Starter Space would team up with an Entrepreneurship and Innovation professor but where does the Rabbi fit in?

“In Judaism … we are challenged to repair the world and to work to make it better,” Grossman said. “To do that, we have to go out and impact the world. … It’s not just about the businesses. We want them to thrive, yes, but we want to save lives and help make this world a better place.”

HiveSpace joins efforts like UF Tech Connect and the Florida Innovation Hub all vying to help entrepreneurs and startups get off their feet. With HiveSpace though, success will be measured in social impact over dollars and cents.

Grossman plans to kick off HiveSpace in the middle of March with 2-4 companies that will complete a 12 week incubation period, after which more companies will be selected.

You can find out more about HiveSpace at hivespace.org