Interviews New York City Startups Is Like Fiverr For Just About Anything Skilled

New York Startup Is The Skilled And Knowledge Market Place For Just About Everything

Humans-top Is Like Fiverr For Just About Anything Skilled

Need a new logo? You may turn to Fiverr. But what if you needed a pet sitter, window cleaner, or a photographer? is a new New York based startup that helps connect people with skilled workers and knowledgable people in just about everything. The web based platform is super easy to understand, and even easier to sign up for. bridges clients and providers for everything. If you need some kind of job done, or help with something, you sign up on their website as a client. If you know how to do a task, any task, you sign up as a provider. As clients start searching for skilled folks to do their job, connections are made. From those connections come contracts.

Say you’re you’re looking for someone to teach you Chinese. You would sign up as a client. You may find Grace Guo a student that can teach Chinese, Japanese and even paint. If  you guys like each other, you’ll enter into a contract and once the job is done, Guo would get paid. holds the payment until the job is done. They also, only get paid, once the job is complete.

humans-2 Is Like Fiverr For Just About Anything Skilled

“We built because we believe in people helping one another to reach their full potential. People often assume that they can’t make a living doing the work that truly interests them or they can’t afford to hire help. Through, we want to show everyone that neither of these common misconceptions is true. We give our service providers the tools to showcase their skills, connect with clients, and grow their business. We give our clients the tools to find and compare skilled service providers for any and every task, so they have more free time to do the things they love.” the company told us in an interview.

There are other startups out there similar to, like Fiverr, but not with such a wide scope. puts the user in complete control, whether they’re the client or the provider, and eliminates the middle man.

“Our platform is different than others because we let our users control their experiences on All members choose who they work with, when and the price—there is no middleman. Thanks to our transparent instant messaging feature, members know who they are hiring, since they communicate directly to discuss details, negotiate contracts, and agree on work terms. Additionally, we provide users with help for all types of services, all in one place. Clients can access thousands of service providers for any given task and in any given area.

At we’ve created more than just a platform—we’ve created a community. All members can feel safe and confident while using our site—we’ve created a secure payment system and encourage users to share their feedback with not only us, but with one another. Our user-generated review system helps to ensure the experience is positive for everyone.” The company said.


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