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ikydz Makes The Internet Safer For Families

Irish Startup ikydz Makes Your Internet Safer

ikydz-top ikydz Makes The Internet Safer For Families

As Dublin Ireland based entrepreneur, John Molloy’s kids grew into teenagers he realized he needed better control over the internet. It wasn’t necessarily that his kids were surfing bad sites, but he needed control over the time they were spending doing things outside of their studies. With that, ikydz was born.

ikydz is an Irish startup that creates an Internet box similar to Circle by Disney, but filled with features outside of just monitoring content. With ikydz Molloy and his team of six have created a device that’s harder than most, for teenagers to hack. It’s also a lot better than constantly threatening to take electronics away.

ikydz is a companion device to your family’s router. Once plugged in, parents can use a companion app to drill down and really control the internet. Parents can block sites, content, and set up internet hours. They can also control how each device that accesses the router, accesses the internet. With ikydz it’s not all or nothing. Schedules, and restrictions can be customized right down to Johnny’s iPhone and Jane’s Android tablet.

With the idea in his head, Molloy relied on software developers to start working on his project. A year ago he turned to Kickstarter where 267 backers helped bring ikydz to life.

ikydz is now shipping globally and feature packed. It’s one of the most robust parental control systems out there, and by far the easiest to use. The app is packed full of management features that can be programmed one and done. There’s also no on-going billing, one payment and you’re good to go.

Worried about how many devices you can manage? While the average home has 8 internet connected devices for the children in the home, ikydz can support up to 243 simultaneous devices.

ikydz updates their block list daily to insure that bad content doesn’t reach their device. Since the kids’ devices access the internet via the ikydz device, if they try and bypass the ikydz device they won’t have any access to the internet.

Ready to make your children’s internet lives safer, check out ikydz here. 

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