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Inkbay Is The Expedia For Tattoos

Swedish Startup Inkbay Is The Expedia For Tattoos

Inkbay-top Inkbay Is The Expedia For Tattoos

Some look at tattoos with disgust. Others see original works of art and beauty. There must be a lot of those folks because the tattoo industry continues to grow year after year. There are nearly 40,000 tattoo parlors and businesses in the United States alone. The industry grew 13% between 2011 and 2016.

What’s driving this increase in tattoos?

Millennials of course.

30% of the adult population in the United States has at least one tattoo. But when you look at millennials, nearly half of millennials have tattoos and within the millennial age group the number of women and men that have tattoos is nearly equal.

These numbers line up with other European countries as well. That’s why Fredrik Glimskar created Inkbay, an Expedia for tattoos. The web based startup houses thousands of pictures of tattoos. It’s like having all of your favorite tattoo artists books, walls and designs in one place. Once you find the tattoo you want or the artist you like, you can use Inkbay to book a time to get the tattoo right on the website.  If you  “fancy” a tattoo on the website you can request a booking right away. It’s that easy.

Inkbay-2 Inkbay Is The Expedia For TattoosThe heavily tattooed Glimskar has a financial education and had a career in digital advertising before he embarked on Inkbay.  He quickly caught the eye of Swedish venture capital firm, Zenith. They invested 1.5 million Swedish kroner into the startup, around $175,000 US.  After tattoo artists and shops in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo signed up for the service, Inkbay made about 4 million Kroner and now they have their eye on expansion.

Glimskar plans to expand Inkbay to include artists and shops in London later this summer, with the U.S. and Berlin to follow after that.  Inkbay takes a portion of the proceeds from the booking, which seems to be working.

You can check out Inkbay in English here.