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If Instagram And Spotify Had A Kid It Would Be Nusiki [sxsw]

If Instagram and Spotify had a kid it would be Nusiki, that according to the company’s marketing director Kristen Pieszko.

But what does that mean? Well as she explains in the video above, it means you get the ability to share, listen, discover and post music with the ease of Instagram.

Are you into some new song, that you want all your friends to hear? Well you can post it on your Nusiki profile. Nusiki also makes it easy to discover music and than flag it as a like so you can easily find it later, when you’re in the mood.

Nusiki also allows you to listen to all the music that your friends are listening to provided they don’t hide it from you. Pieszko admitted this feature came in handy when she didn’t want her friends to know she secretly liked music by Justin Bieber.

Nusiki also allows you to create on the fly playlists, sourcing music from Soundcloud and Youtube.  The Chicago based startup has plans to expand music offerings by getting into partnerships with the other big music providers. Once those partnerships are in place they want Nusiki to become the easiest platform that music experts and just casual music lovers can use to share, discover and play music.

But does the world really need a platform like Nusiki? It seems like the Rdio’s, Pandoras, and Spotifys of the world basically have everyone covered.

At first glance most might think it’s music startup overkill, but when you’re looking at all three of the biggest music platforms, and maybe throw in a Slacker Radio or something else into the mix, you’ll quickly agree that the social aspect of all of those services is lacking.

Sure you can share what you’re listening to with your friends on any given service but there’s  really no room for engagement. What’s more is the fact that services like Spotify allow you to share everything you’re listening to and what if you don’t want people to know you secretly like Justin Bieber or that you listen to Katy Perry during your morning workout like Nusiki co-founder Ben Hewitt.

“We see it as a place where all of your music and all of your friends are,” Hewitt told ChicagoInno . “What we’re thinking is if Facebook is a documentary of a modern consumer’s life, and Instagram is the photo album, and Twitter is for commentary, Nusiki can be the soundtrack.”

Nusiki is up and running now, you can sign up here with your Facebook credentials.