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Keyreel Is Making Secure Password Protection Easier Than Apple Pay

keyreel-top Keyreel Is Making Secure Password Protection Easier Than Apple PayWith Keyreel Every Login Is Simple, Every Password Is Safe.

Password security is a big deal in 2018. People are constantly worried that someone may gain access to their personal world, their accounts and their privacy. They should be worried because every time you scroll through the news you see more and more stories about compromised data and just about 99% of the time that compromise was the result of a sacrificed password.

There are quite a few solutions when it comes to password management, but many of them are flawed. One of the most popular solutions is a password app, but what happens when the password app gets hacked.  If your password manager app gets hacked then you risk the hackers getting all of your passwords to everything.

One of the most secure ways to lockdown your digital life is to keep your passwords securely off-site and use some kind of device or mechanism that allows as a separate validation. There are solutions out there that require a USB dongle to transmit passwords securely from device to device and create a nearly impenetrable forcefield to protect your data. While this may seem like a great option, how many USB dongles have you lost in the last five years. Don’t answer that you want to get to the good part of this article.

If you’re a Mac/iOS user, like I am, then you need to check out Keyreel. Keyreel is a password management and encryption system that allows you to access websites on your Macb device by unlocking them with the passwords stored on your iOS device. In other words, to get into your important stuff you need both devices.

Say you happen to be at Starbucks and some jack hole stole your Macbook while you ran to the counter. They can’t get into anything on your computer because chances are your phone is with you, creating a system much more secure than a password manager.

“Most people don’t trust password managers because of their associations with cloud-based servers being hacked, along with millions of users’ account data. We wanted a password manager that could offer both truly cloud-free, user-controlled password storage users can trust and instant login whenever they need it.” the company told us in an interview.

Oleksandr Senyuk and  Habtamu Mekonnen the founders of Keyreel know just how important online safety is to the masses. Senyuk currently works at DropBox in addition to founding Keyreel while Mekonnen works at Google.

“As software engineers, we like to keep our passwords strong and unique, but this made them difficult to remember for every account. We understand the strengths and weaknesses of different solutions, and we are not comfortable with the security of cloud-based password managers, and we found SMS-based multi-factor authentication and master passwords too disruptive. So we started talking about how to make a better solution. In the early days, we talked about keyless entry systems a lot because we liked its effortlessness. We set that as our goal for the ultimate secure login experience. We considered several different technologies that could achieve it, with the phone as the “key” and the computer as the “car” before landing on Bluetooth. It’s nearly universal, low energy, secure, and fast.” the founders old us.

Keyreel is solving a big problem that many people face and they’re doing it in a way that is easy to understand regardless of your technical expertise.

You can sign up for Keyreel free, here. 


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