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ISTE 2017: Amplify Your Students’ Voices With Flipgrid

Minnesota Startup Flipgrid Is Amplifying Student Voices

Flipgrid-ISTE-top ISTE 2017: Amplify Your Students' Voices With Flipgrid

How can you get students to engage more, show their grasp of a lesson, collaborate and listen to other students’ views? With Flipgrid that’s how.

Flipgrid is a video tool that allows teachers and students to engage with one another, the way they know how. Flipgrid is a video discussion school. Teachers add the topics and students respond with short videos. As each student uploads their response, the teacher, and the other students can view those responses, quickly.

Unlike any other tool out there Flipgrid delivers social learning, reflection and simplicity. Each student gets to share in their own voice. Teachers and other students can give feedback that helps them understand the material and how to best present themselves on video, both skills necessary in todays world. It takes just a few minutes to get started with Flipgrid.

“Student communication of thinking and reasoning involves ALL students, not just the ones who raise their hands during class discussion. Flipgrid allows for students to hear multiple ways of problem solving. Flipgrid has changed my classroom.” Jennifer Saarinen, a middle school math teacher said.

Each grid is a topic. Say you’re discussing world history, specifically the middle east. The teacher would create a grid, ask a question or steer the topic and the students would respond.

Flipgrid-2 ISTE 2017: Amplify Your Students' Voices With Flipgrid

Teachers, administrators and districts are responding to Flipgrid in record numbers. Earlier this year the Minnesota startup reported 800% year over year growth.

“This has always been the Flipgrid story,” said Dr. Charlie Miller, cofounder of Flipgrid. “From day one our growth has been predominantly organic, the result of our amazing teachers encouraging each other to ignite social learning in their classrooms with Flipgrid. Teachers love platforms that are simple, engaging and impactful for their students.”

“Our mission is empowering students to share their perspectives, experiences and positions in classroom discussions whenever and wherever they want,” said Jim Leslie, cofounder of Flipgrid. “We accomplish this mission every 19 seconds of every day when a student records a video and shares their voice on Flipgrid.”

With all this praise and all these features you would think Flipgrid would cost an arm and a leg, but that’s not the case. Flipgrid is free for a single grid and just $65 a year for  unlimited grids.

Check out Flipgrid for yourself at ISTE 2017, June 24-28th in San Antonio, Booth # 3061 and online at 

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