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ISTE 2017: MathBRIX Teaches Problem Solving And Math In A Proven, Fun Way

ISTE-Preview-topper ISTE 2017: MathBRIX Teaches Problem Solving And Math In A Proven, Fun WayISTE 2017: MathBRIX Helps Children Aged 4-8, Problem Solve and Think Mathematically

Mathbrix-top ISTE 2017: MathBRIX Teaches Problem Solving And Math In A Proven, Fun Way

MathBRIX is another one of those great EdTech startups that crosses both sides of the nibletz rubric. They’re an EdTech company but they’re also a St. Louis startup backed by Capital Innovators, who we’ve been writing about since 2011.  Knowing the grueling process it takes for any startup to make it into Cap Innovators, we already know that MathBRIX, like Pixel Press (Bloxels), must be onto something.

If you go over to MathBRIX website and watch their explainer video a gigantic lightbulb will descend from the sky an you’ll say “ahhh I get it”. The company has developed an online platform that teaches kids ages 4-8, problem solving and math skills. But they do it in a way that’s not only proven, but fun.  They do it with BRIX, and who doesn’t love BRIX.

BRIX, or what we like to call them here at, Legos, all have raised dots on the top. When you put them together you have more raised dots. When you put them side by side you have even more raised dots. When you take them away you have less raised dots. This simple concept is actually like a magical sorcery mystical power, because it teaches kids math. For real. It also teaches them problem solving.  MathBRIX has taken this concept and put it online and in a fun game format. Do you know how we know it’s fun? Because I’ve been trying to up my high score on the hit game 1010 for nearly a year now.

But back to the important part.

This way of teaching math isn’t new, but the way MathBRIX has put it all together is. I’ll personally stand by it and say it’s a great way to teach math because it works. How do we know it works? Because three years ago, the same concept in analog form was taught to our then 6 year old EdTech reporter, and she learned Algebra. Yup, right there on a sunny afternoon in Nashville Tennessee at the NAEP conference, Tatum F learned Algebra with bricks. Don’t believe us? Watch this video below.

The fun concept based approach not only teaches math but it gives the student positive re-assurance in themselves, as they grasp the concept they know they’re learning. Once they grasp the concept the sky’s the limit when it comes to math.

Because MathBRIX is digital, online and algorithmic based, it adjusts itself as the student is learning. 4 year old Tommy has learned basic addition and subtraction, time to move it up to Algebra, and so on and so forth. MathBRIX is so great for the student that they don’t even realize they are learning, but feel great about it once they have.

Get ready for the light bulb to drop out of the sky as you watch their explainer video below. Then, you can try MathBRIX for yourself at ISTE 2017 in San Antonio, June 25th-28th at the EdTech Pavilion, booth #2132 and online at 


PRP-ISTE ISTE 2017: MathBRIX Teaches Problem Solving And Math In A Proven, Fun Way