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Jeff Bezos Starting Up In An Infographic has been doing an amazing series highlighting the career paths of some of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs in very well designed and thought out infographics. Their latest infogrpahic takes a look at the founder of Amazon and the world’s fifth wealthiest person, Jeff Bezos.

Anna Vital takes a long look at the timeline that is Jeff Bezos’ career, it’s an interesting one. She takes note of some very important findings including “an unusual preference for long-term plans (he financed the 10,000-year clock), unbelievable calmness, a surgical study of books, and the ability to find hacks in the system.”

Most folks know that Bezos is a very secretive man, preferring to keep everything close to the vest. Brad Stone, a biographer, had to dig through a trashcan to find out about Bezos’ rocket company. It’s a wonder that Vital was able to map out this entire path.

The infographic begins with Bezos’ parents Ted and Jackie, who became pregnant with Jeff at an early age. It chronicles the history of Bezos all the way through successfully landing a rocket from space in November of 2015. Vital provides a great narrative on Bezos and includes some of his biggest attributes as a smart, shrewd and well calculated business man, here.

Jeff-Bezos-Infographic Jeff Bezos Starting Up In An Infographic