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Did Jeff Hoffman Just Save Yahoo At OneSpark 2015

Successful serial entrepreneur and Priceline co-founder Jeff Hoffman took the stage at OneSpark, the World’s Crowdfunding Festival in Jacksonville Florida on Tuesday morning. To a packed house he gave a bunch of great tips for entrepreneurs that really helped drive them to think out of the box.

“I love it when successful entrepreneurs talk about what they really do as opposed to what they’re expected to say” Marni Phillips, who was watching Hoffman on a monitor outside the Florida Theater told

That’s exactly what Hoffman did. What are his real habits and things for success. Successful entrepreneurs, founders and CEOs rarely fit the mold of the Lee Iacocca’s and Jack Welch’s (who is speaking at OneSpark as well). Today’s modern CEO is using trial, error and advice from other successful folks. And Hoffman made it a point to stress that there’s no magic number or age to be a successful CEO. As we’ve seen these days that person can be 27 or 67.

Yahoo-Trending Did Jeff Hoffman Just Save Yahoo At OneSpark 2015But one of the routines that Hoffman does daily may have surprised some in the audience or it may have just flown over their heads.

Each and every day, and twice a day at that, Hoffman checks the front page of not Google or any other search engine. That front page in the upper corner shows what’s trending across the globe. What are the ten things on the minds of people today. What are the ten things on the minds of internal and external customers. That’s what Yahoo tells him every day, twice a day.

So what, a successful entrepreneur says he checks Yahoo everyday.

Well in the world of fast paced startups and unicorns, Yahoo doesn’t typically fit in the conversation.

With the recent turbulence Yahoo has seen over the years they’re starting to experiment with more and more content options, platforms and startups, like the acquisition of Tumblr. Directors and investors are worried that Yahoo is pulled in so many directions. But what if Yahoo became the voice of the internet, or the destination it once was for people that just don’t have the time to look over the whole internet.

While people are looking for the next Flipboard or the next content consumption model, all that you need to know is in the upper right hand corner of every day.


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