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3 Questions Kids Answered That Kicked Off Kano

Kano-Disrupt1 3 Questions Kids Answered That Kicked Off KanoThree questions are the key behind Kano, the kid focused computer creation kit that found it’s way to stardom by overfunding on Kickstarter. Alex Klein the London based founder of Kano talked with TechCrunch’s Natasha Lomas on the big stage at TechCrunch Disrupt New York 2015.

Lomas wanted to know if Kano was a real company building a real product for people or just kids. The ever so jovial Klein explained the way Kano started, with a simple conversation with his six year old cousin. Then he discussed his first time out to speak to a group of elementary school aged children, and help them build computers.

Kano sells a Lego like kit stocked with a Raspberry Pi board, connectors and sensors that make it easy for a kid as young as six years old, to build a computer with whats in the box, using the enclosed instruction book.

These three questions stumped students but made them even more intrigued about the interesting parts that were placed before them.

With over 82 million connected devices in the world today it’s hard to believe that young students couldn’t answer these three simple questions that Klein talks about in this video.

The interview was great. Klein expressed that Kano is in fact for anyone who wants to do anything with computers that are easy to build themselves. They are changing the conversation the same way that young children learn to cook, so that they eat better. Using Kano kids learn how to build, create and use computers at as earliest an age as possible.