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KITABOO Makes Creating, Publishing And Distributing Content A Breeze

Texas Startup KITABOO Makes Content Creation, Publishing And Distributing Content For The Board Room Or The Classroom A Breeze

kitaboo-top KITABOO Makes Creating, Publishing And Distributing Content A Breeze

“Content is King” is a mantra that’s been around for decades. It became truth in the last decade with internet delivery. Content consumption is why we all turn to the internet in the first place. Content matters. It needs to be rich, interactive, current and quick. The days of creating something over a few weeks, just to have it approved and then distributed are over. If you have to wait that long you might as well not produce it because someone else will.

A startup based in Plano Texas is already serving some of the biggest publishers in the business like McGraw Hill, Pearson and MacMillan.  They’ve already built a user base of 6 million plus users in over 20 countries.

KITABOO offers a suite of tools for the mobile content creator. Their content creation platform is as easy as drag and drop. They’ve also baked in design tools to make your content pop. The best part though is in curated and reaching your audience. Publishing, and content distribution is their sweet spot.

KITABOO keeps your reader in mind. Through KITABOO content creators can create rich, interactive mobile content optimized for every screen possible. It doesn’t matter if your users are using Android phones or tablets, iPads or even Microsoft devices. KITABOO takes the guess work out of content delivery, without requiring a training course.

Their cloud platform simple wizard allows users to take print content, add multimedia, make it interactive and publish it at the click of a button for multiple devices instantly.

KITABOO is easy enough for the most un-tech savvy teacher to create interactive in classroom content. It’s also easy enough that a 65 year old lawyer can create beautifully illustrated and interactive pieces for clients or for board meetings.

The KITABOO experience doesn’t end with distribution. Once the content is created and distributed, using the KITABOO reader, the end users can collaborate, take notes and share the content created as easily as it was to create it.

They’ve eliminated the need for complex infrastructure or large learning management systems (LMS). This could truly be the simplest way to create and distribute content.

Check out KITABOO here. 

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