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Let Them Know You Care With CaringBand

Texas Startup CaringBand Will Help You Show You Care

Caringband-top Let Them Know You Care With CaringBand

It’s been ages since we’ve heard the slogan “when you care enough to send the very best”. That was the summoning call of the Hallmark card company. Long gone are the days when people would go into a card store to get a “just because” or an “I’m thinking about you” card. It’s simply too much work for our immediate gratification lifestyle. It seems these days that even e-cards take up too much time. You want someone to know you’re thinking about them right this second. There’s an app, and an IoT device for that.

CaringBand is a startup out of Woodlands Texas, a suburb of Houston. They’re creating connected devices to provide emotional support.

“CaringBand is a start-up technology company that develops hardware and software applications that promote emotional support for those that need it most. The first CaringBand product under development is a Bluetooth enabled light-up wristband that can receive signals from any smart phone device with help from the CaringBand companion mobile app. Soon you will be able to let your friends and loved ones know how often they come across your mind with just a couple of touches on your smart phone. We all know someone who could use a little more light in their life so let us help you brighten their days with the CaringBand.” the company told us in an interview.

Caringband-2 Let Them Know You Care With CaringBandThe wristband is paired to the user’s smartphone. With notifications turned on the user of the CaringBand will know when someone is thinking about them. The app is used by friends and family and can send real time notifications of love and support. The app sends pre-selected messages to the recipient.

CaringBand isn’t the first startup to enable virtual caring via an app. Earlier this year we saw Parihug at CES. They’ve created stuffed bears that can give kids hugs from a distance. Caringband is for people of all ages. You can use it when a loved one is suffering from cancer or another ailment. Perhaps a parent or a loved one lives on their own and you want to be able to send them a quick gesture of caring. Caringband would also be great people in a new relationship.

For Lindsay Donaldson, co-founder of CaringBand, it was about cancer.

“I watched my mom go through cancer and I did as much as I could for her but always left wanting to do more. I had the idea to come up with a wearable and companion app she could use. With CaringBand I can show her how much I care and how much she’s on my mind.” she told in an interview.

To create CaringBand, Lindsay turned to her husband, co-founder Charley Donaldson, an entrepreneur with an MBA. Both founders graduated from Baylor.

CaringBand just launched last week and they are preparing a Kickstarter to get the company off the ground.