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Looma: The Easiest Way To Eat Right

looma-indiegogo-top Looma: The Easiest Way To Eat RightNew App Called Looma Promises The Easiest Way To Eating Right

We’re a couple of weeks into the new year and most of us have already thrown our new years resolutions to the wayside. For many people, weight loss and eating right was a new years resolution. Heck it’s always been a new years resolution. It seems that no matter what you try to use to help with eating right, never ends up working.

Many people turn to advance meal prep. They cook and prepare food over the weekend and then divide it up into cute little containers for the week. At the end of the week though, there’s half eaten meals and meals that were left in the refrigerator, tossed aside for that quick trip to Chipotle. In the world of eating right, convenience is key.

That’s why Kyle Ludwig and Chetan Chaurasiya created Looma, a new app designed to free yourself of the munching mind. With Looma, users create a profile that helps you set every food to your goals, body composition and diet type. Then you just swipe to find easy to prepare recipes that will help you achieve those goals.

Looma also provides you with data analytics and an analysis of calories and micronutrients automatically. This valuable data helps you move from huge goals to measurable progress without dieting, starving or depriving yourself of good food.

“Looma offers a full experience from the store to the kitchen to eating and seeing your progress. Other apps either focus on one or a couple parts or have few options to choose from. Looma has 2 million options, personalized down to only those that are most relevant.” Ludwig told in an interview.

With all of this information and the recipes Looma has selected for you it makes shopping much easier. Looma features a smart shopping list so when you like a recipe and want to try it, the ingredients you need to pick up from the store are right on your app front and center.

Looma makes it easier to keep those weight loss goals and to eat right. You can back Looma on Indiegogo here.