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Lost & Found Startup, Verti, Finds It’s Way Back To OneSpark [OneSpark Preview]

Verti Lost & Found Startup, Verti, Finds It's Way Back To OneSpark [OneSpark Preview]When Miami resident Luke Thomas journeyed up to Jacksonville to essentially launch his startup Verti at last year’s OneSpark he knew it would be an uphill battle. The entrepreneur, with fifteen years of engineering experience, was well aware that Bluetooth tags were catching on like wildfire, yet he was determined to make Verti work. So far it has.

The post launch startup will be at the Jacksonville Landing this year in hopes to attract more attention than they did last year. They are hoping to raise $200,000 during this year’s OneSpark, The Crowdfunding Festival.

But there’s still that issue of Bluetooth tags being a crowded space.

This time around Thomas knows where his competition has planted themselves and Verti is offering a more robust and versatile platform. For instance, Verti uses a simple cloudbased app and system that can tell you exactly where your things are. If you’re still stuck looking for that misplaced garage door opener or wallet, Verti can emit a loud noise in order to help you locate it better. But then, Thomas has added other functionality wheras you can use Verti as a remote shutter button for your phones camera and other oneclick button programming.

Creating new uses for Verti is as simple as logging onto an app on your smartphone.

To add to Verti’s arsenal is the fact that Thomas comes from a military background where a big focus of that career was networking, mesh networks and geolocation. Verti is going to end up going well beyond the next Tile tag, and it’s worth a good look at OneSpark 2015.

Find Verti at OneSpark here

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