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Machinio Is The Market Place For Big Toys, We Mean Heavy Machinery

Chicago Startup Machinio Is The Place To Source Heavy Machinery

Machinio-top Machinio Is The Market Place For Big Toys, We Mean Heavy Machinery

If you’ve got your little toddler son (or daughter) on your lap and you’re looking for some big trucks or dozers to show them, in real life, take a quick trip over to you’ll find everything from big field tractors, to bull dozers, to big duty ho’s (ya know the one’s everyone wants for their birthday) big rigs, oil rigs, you name it. That’s because Machinio is the marketplace for second hand heavy machinery.

The company was founded out of a great need by one of the co-founders.

“Dan Pinto was living in Chicago and working as a developer. One of his colleagues purchased second-hand printing presses in the United States and sold them in Ecuador where they lacked a local market for that equipment. Dan was asked to help find a certain model so he started on Google and 45 minutes later after visiting dozens of classifieds, marketplaces, and individual dealer sites was unable to find the desired piece of equipment. Dan had his eureka moment and realized there was an opportunity to improve the process of finding used machinery by developing a vertical-focused search engine like Kayak, Indeed or Priceline. 6 months later, Dan and Dmitriy were both living in San Francisco working on building Machinio. In early 2013, they began working on the initial prototype. By early March of that year, Dan had finished coding it and Machinio was launched.” company spokesperson Laura Pereira told in an interview.

After coming up with the idea and getting the technology ready Pinto and co-founder Dimitriy Rokhfield launched Machinio in 2013.

“We took on the $400 billion used machinery industry and solved the single biggest pain point facing consumers and suppliers: information discovery. A buyer from anywhere in the world in search of a specific machine no longer needs to struggle to find it locally and pay higher prices due to the lack of options, and sellers are now able to expose their inventory to thousands of buyers globally. Through and one simple search, buyers have global access to machinery listings in any language desired and sellers have zero work listing their inventory.” the company said.

Buying heavy machinery for any industry is a costly endeavor. If you owned a construction company and were looking at a new CASE Back Hoe Loader, you could put down nearly $100,000. Used equipment is better for any budget. You also don’t want to have to chase that equipment down like Pinto did.  You could find a similar, used, but maintained piece of equipment, also from Case, for between $20 and $30,000.

Buying equipment from Machinio is a piece of cake. First you search thousands of listings on then you drill down to exactly what you need and when you’re ready you click to contact the seller. After that you work with the seller directly for payment and delivery. Machinio saves you the time and hassle of having to root through the entire internet to find that one piece of equipment (or 30 pieces of equipment) that you’re looking for.

Selling equipment on Machinio is just as easy. You get in touch with Machinio, they set you up with a selling profile. They do all the work of adding and updating your equipment (saving you tons of time), and then display it to over 300,000 highly interested buyers.

Now there are a handful of sites where you think you can go to get used machinery, but checking around most of them were no more than dressed up message boards. Machinio was designed from the ground up for this specific purpose. Also, they go outside the bounds of just construction and heavy equipment. Just about any kind of big machinery that can be resold, has a place on Machinio.

“Our database comprehensiveness and our global coverage are our main competitive advantages. Unlike our competitors, we have more than 1 million active listings and over 500,000 interested buyers from 190+ countries visiting the platform each month and we operate in a global capacity. To better serve our European market, we opened a second office in Berlin, Germany in January, 2017.” Pereira said.

Machinio has raised $4.04 million dollars to date, in three rounds. In 2014 the company raised a $1 million dollar seed round from Elevation Investors, Maxfield Capital, Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator, and a group of high-profile angels including Rony Kahan, co-founder of Indeed. In 2016 the company raised $3 million in a series A round with Ritchie Bros leading the pack.

If you’re looking for heavy machinery of any kind head over to now, if you’re looking to relive your childhood with pictures of bull dozers and 18 wheelers, also, head over to