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Mattress Startups Are On The Rise?

Mattress-Startups Mattress Startups Are On The Rise?Do you remember the days sitting down in front of the big boxy television set watching Casper the friendly ghost whisk across the screen? Well now, if you spend just five minutes on Facebook you’ll see another kind of Casper whisking across the screen, the Casper mattress.

Most blame the millennials, but truly, the internet, mobile and social media is beginning to affect the lives of well, anyone who has a pulse. Today people are buying everything from toys to furniture to cars to even houses on the internet, or on their smartphone. Long gone are the days when you need to pile into the car, go to the realtors office, thumb through a book and then spend all afternoon walking through houses. Click Click Click, sold!

The same is true for the ever expanding mattress industry.

The guys at Sleepys are probably tossing and turning thanks to the internet. ¬†Companies like Casper, Helix Sleep, Eve Sleep, Leesa and Tuft and Needle make your next mattress just a few clicks away. Heck with Casper you don’t even need to leave the comfort of Facebook.

Sleep and Mattresses are bringing big money from the venture capital world. Casper has raised $70 million dollars to date and Hollywood giants Leonardo DiCaprio and Toby Maguire have a piece of that action. Their latest round valued the company at $500M on reported sales of $100M according to CBInsights.

While VC funding is down in a lot of traditional sectors, there’s a rise when it comes to sleep. Check out the graphic below from CBInsights that highlights when each mattress startup received their first funding. I guess we shouldn’t sleep on mattress startups.

Mattress-Startups-CBInsights Mattress Startups Are On The Rise?