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Meadow: YC Backed Marijuana Delivery Startup Launches New Product

Medical-Marijuana Meadow: YC Backed Marijuana Delivery Startup Launches New Product

It’s no secret that the marijuana industry is booming right now. The numbers are staggering. In Colorado, specifically – the first state to legalize recreational marijuana use – the industry is on fire. In November alone, “[m]edical dispensaries sold $27.5 million of cannabis,” with the recreational dispensaries had a whopping $31.2 million in sales.1 With sales numbers like that, it did not take long for the accelerators and investors to start seeking out marijuana focused startups. In fact, Y Combinator has one such startup in its current batch: Meadow.

Meadow Meadow: YC Backed Marijuana Delivery Startup Launches New Product

Meadow is, essentially, a delivery service for medical marijuana. Here is how CrunchBase describes the company’s offerings:

Meadow Care has created a new on-demand delivery service that allows San Francisco patients to shop online for medical marijuana and get access to quality medicine from the comfort of home. Patients in the Bay Area can simply place an order via their mobile device and receive a delivery from a top-tier, lawfully-operated cooperative or collective within an hour or less.2

The Meadow team told VenturBeat that their main goal at Y Combinator “is to really identify our customers, our patients.”3 It should be pointed out here that there is a major barrier to new customer acquisition in California. Within the state, marijuana is only legal for medical use. As such, any potential customer must possess a medical marijuana card – essentially a medical cannabis recommendation from a doctor. So, to get more sales, the company wants to get more marijuana cards in the hands of people who need them.

Last Wednesday, Meadow took a major step towards realizing this goal, launching CannabisMD. Rick Harrison, the company’s co-founder, took to Product Hunt to announce the new service: “Today we are launching CannabisMD, a new service for on demand medical marijuana card evaluations. We will send a doctor to your home to evaluate whether medical marijuana is right for you.”4 Thus, closing the loop.

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