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Menuat: One Spark Creator Launches new Product at IBM InterConnectGO


Way back in 2013, at the inaugural One Spark Crowdfunding Festival, Emily and Jeff Charette launched Menuat. In a nutshell, Menuat is an “all-digital, all-device menu solution for fast-casual restaurants and bars.”1 Essentially, Menuat includes two main components. There is a signage platform, that allows restaurants and bars to display their menus, and there is a software platform that allows these establishments to update and edit their menus in real time.

Menuat location

In this original iteration of the of the platform, the menu solution was quite simple. However, Menuat is gearing up to launch a new offering:

After receiving funding as a result of One Spark, Jeff is refining Menuat’s Digital Menu Platform from a simple menu solution to a full-service platform that is positioned to become the foundation of the connected restaurant.2

Menuat Go

On Monday, February 23rd, Jeff Charette took the stage at IBM InterConnectGO 2015 in Las Vegas to announce the company’s latest offering: MenuatGO. This new product is a self-service, DIY version of the platform that gives the user – restaurant owner/manager – complete control over the design and layout of their menu, utilizing themes and other quick setup options. MenuatGO is more of a jumping off point for restaurants and bars, a Menuat Lite if you will:

MenuatGo is designed for restaurants who need to establish a digital presence, but change their menu infrequently. The service can be easily upgraded at any point to allow unlimited menu changes and add more powerful features such as searchable mobile content, seamless website integration, and touchscreen compatibility.3

The company plans to begin rolling out MenuatGO beginning on March 23. There is more info and pre-ordering instructions in Menuat’s latest blog post.

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