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Convert Video Formats Quickly and Easily with Movavi Video Converter

movavi-top Convert Video Formats Quickly and Easily with Movavi Video ConverterPeople watch, send and receive digital videos on a regular basis nowadays – and that means having to contend with a wide range of different formats. While computers can generally handle most formats, some devices such as set-top boxes, DVD players, and mobile devices have a much narrower range of compatibility and may have issues with certain formats.

Because of that it helps to have a way to be able to convert videos – which is what Movavi Video Converter can provide. Its main strength lies in the fact that it will let you quickly convert your videos to the format that you require, even if you don’t have any experience with video formats in general.

The process involved in converting videos with Movavi Video Converter is simple, and involves adding the video, selecting the format that you want, then pressing the ‘Convert’ button. Instead of picking a specific format, it is possible to select one of the hundreds of built-in presets that are available – each of which is designed to automatically use the optimal video format and settings for a specific device.

In this way you can convert videos and ensure they are compatible and optimized for any device – without needing to know the technical specifications. Additionally Movavi Video Converter is also able to convert audio and image files between formats, and can be used to extract audio tracks from videos, create animated GIFs out of video clips, or save still screenshots of individual video frames.

Aside from being a capable media converter, Movavi Video Converter provides several editing features as well. It can be used to split videos into segments and trim out unwanted parts or merge clips together, enhance the quality of videos, crop or rotate the frame, and add captions or other text elements to them.

All of the features in Movavi Video Converter are designed to have the same straightforward and easy-to-use approach. Because of that you should be able to quickly figure out how they work, and apply them to your media files.

Considering how often it is necessary to convert videos to ensure they’re compatible, having a tool that can do so quickly and easily is definitely useful. Naturally the other benefits that Movavi Video Converter provide should make an even more compelling case for you to give it a try and see how it works for yourself.