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MyAlbum Launches their platform out of Beta

On September 30, MyAlbum officially launched out of beta. During the beta, MyAlbum was able to attract a hair under 4 million users. It is easy to see why. As we noted in our first coverage of the visual storytelling/smart picture album platform, it is beautiful in its simplicity.

Visual-Story MyAlbum Launches their platform out of Beta

There are a few different approaches that you can take when using MyAlbum. Firstly, you can simply upload your pictures, and the platform will automatically select your best shots. Alternatively, you can take a much more active approach, adding “text, maps, the weather, tourist info and 10.000+ other elements and create a style full and truly personal narrative.”1 Even further, a lot of these elements will provide detailed info without any sort of human interaction. MyAlbum utilizes the data stored in photos, and calls on various APIs to automatically import data:

To make these stories even more compelling they can be enriched with text, maps, the weather, tourist info and 10.000+ other elements. Anyone can do this in under five minutes by the way EXIF data is combined with online data sources and smart algorithms. This proposition gives MyAlbum a unique shot at the multi million market of photo and video sharing.2

Album MyAlbum Launches their platform out of Beta

The main impetus behind the creation of MyAlbum lies in the state of the photo app market. As it stands, the majority of these apps and platforms are aimed at collecting and sharing photos. That’s just about it. Snap a picture, add a filter and share it. MyAlbum is an attempt to do more with these pictures. Rather than just storing and sharing images, MyAlbum lets users create beautiful, information rich stories. Now that the platform is out of beta, it stands to reason that MyAlbum will only get better.

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