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MyAlbum: A simple, yet powerful visual storytelling platform

There are a countless number of photo album apps and platforms out there. Some are simple, with little in the way of editing tools; others are incredibly complex, with tons of editing options. There are very few that have found the perfect balance between features and complexity. One such platform, still in beta, is MyAlbum.

My-Album-logo MyAlbum: A simple, yet powerful visual storytelling platform

MyAlbum has several different layers of functionality. At the most basic level, you can upload photos, and MyAlbum will select the best ones and scale and tweak them into a vertical collage. However, if you are more adventurous, you can add all sorts of different elements to your album:

Upload your photos and videos from any device and let our smart algorithms magically do their work to select your best shots. Enrich your stories with text, maps, the weather, tourist info and 10.000+ other elements and create a style full and truly personal narrative.1

MyAlbum-UI MyAlbum: A simple, yet powerful visual storytelling platform

Your albums can be as detailed and info-filled or as simple as you want. MyAlbum, more than a simple photo album creator – though it can be just that – offers users a powerful, yet simple, storytelling platform. The ease of use can not be overstated. To sign up, upload photos, and create an entire album – though it is far from a masterpiece – took me under 10 minutes. This really speaks to the mission of the company. MyAlbum aims to help people preserve and capture memories, in a quick and intuitive manner:

Memories are the most valuable thing you have, but in time they might fade away. We help you create visual stories on the fly. Keep memories as real and vibrant as if they happened yesterday, for yourself or to share them with your loved ones.2

As I noted above, it took me less than 10 minutes to get up and running. Though this is not even close to the level of detail that is possible with MyAlbum, here is a little photo collage I put together from some of our One Spark photos: