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Need Help Finding Educators? You Need K12 datahub

Tampa EdTech Startup Is THE Way To Reach Educators

K12datahub-top Need Help Finding Educators? You Need K12 datahub

Whether you’re marketing the next big wave in education technology, looking to reach a decision maker for a job or recruiting, there is one authority on email and contact info for educators and decision makers across the country. That authority is Tampa Bay Startup K12 datahub. You can stop spending hours on LinkedIn looking for principals, administrators and superintendents. K12 datahub has all of the data you’re looking for.

Most people marketing to education decision makers are educators themselves. Time is limited. They can’t mull through outdated directories, or websites. K12datahub has spent the last few years compiling, and then verifying data on every school and every district in the country. Each entry has over 100 data points, it’s comprehensive and thorough. The contact data found at K12 datahub, is also updated on a weekly basis, so those marketing to education can rest assured they are reaching the true decision makers.

We have our own in-house data team, and in combination with the most recent technology, we are able to make the update and compiling process flawless. This allows us to make any minor and major updates in real time, and deliver customer data in a matter of minutes.” The company said.

Led by serial entrepreneur and marketing expert, George Stojanov, has made sure that you get the best of the best in educator data. Data sets include;

  • Public school Principals
  • Private school Principals
  • Charter school Principals
  • Elementary school Principals
  • Middle school Principals
  • High school Principals
  • District Superintendents
  • Assistant Superintendents
  • Title I Directors
  • IT Directors
  • Curriculum Directors

Other data points include; enrollment and grades, physical mailing address, demographics and budgets.  Over 57% of educators check their email in bed. With K12 datahub you can make sure your email is one that they’re reading.  And if you’re curious, K12 datahub can even tell you the best time to email a school principal.

Ready to dive in and reach the right people, check out K12 datahub here.