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Need A Stealth Job Search, GoGig Has You Covered

Collision-top Need A Stealth Job Search, GoGig Has You CoveredCollision Preview: Florida Startup Has You Covered For A Stealth Job Search

GoGig-Top Need A Stealth Job Search, GoGig Has You Covered

There are plenty of job tools out there these days. Of course there’s Linked In, and countless apps and platforms that connect prospective candidates with human resources managers. The one commonality is that they aren’t confidential. I mean you could go private on your LinkedIn but nobody takes private LinkedIn profiles seriously.

Chris Hodges and the team at GoGig have developed a straight forward platform that connects stealth job seekers with opportunities without swiping or any of the latest fads. “No resumes, no job postings, no applying, no swiping.” the company says on their website.

GoGig matches candidates to hiring companies based on four simple components;

  • The candidates work and education history
  • Personality
  • What the candidate wants out of their next career move
  • The areas a candidate wants to network in

One of the big benefits to GoGig, besides the ability to be stealth in your job search, is that they put what the candidate wants and is looking for up front. These things can range from culture to salary, benefits, location and duties. When there’s a match, there’s a match, and that’s when GoGig goes to work. There’s no need for candidates to waste time with opportunities that won’t work for them from day one. At the same time, employers don’t have to waste time with the wrong candidate.

Recruiters and HR folks look at a candidate’s profile, and their geolocation. If there’s a match the recruiter reaches out and it’s up to the candidate to decide if they want to move forward.  GoGig really gives the power of the job search back to the job candidate.

This isn’t Hodge’s first soiree into improving the work place. His previous startup, Timesly, is still running today. Now a sister company to GoGig, Timesly quickly and easily manages employee time and attendance. It’s the time clock app so many companies have been waiting for. By utilizing facial recognition software and a personal device, employees can clock in and out with a photo.

Hodges and the GoGig team are headed for Nawlins starting Tuesday for Collision, the fastest growing startup and tech conference in the world. There are still a handful of tickets left here.

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